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Christmas Morning, 1985: Sectaurs Hyve Action Play Set and M.A.S.K. Boulder Hill Playset

Christmas Circa 1985

Sectaurs Hyve 1985

Sectaurs Hyve 1985-2

Mask Boulder Hill 1985

Mask Boulder Hill 1985-2

Nice loot, Kris Klinge. I dig those sofas, too.

P.S. The art on the Hyve box is incredible. I’m not sure who painted it, but I’ll look into it.

Christmas Morning, 1983: The Saga of Crystar – Crystal Castle (Remco, 1983)

Christmas Crystar 1983

Crystar Castle 1983

(Images via Nerdgasms and Marvel Comics of the 1980s)

Hot Dog Magazine, 1985: ‘Have a Rockin’ Halloween!’

Hot Dog-1

Hot Dog-2

Hot Dog-3

I’m not sure the Hot Dog editors understood the punk ethos (bright blue eyeshadow and silver glitter?) all that well, nor does Genevieve look anything like Cyndi Lauper, but the innocent failure sure makes a fun article.

(Images via AnnainCA/Flickr)

The Real Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe Knitting Patterns (Intarsia, 1986/1987)

Real Ghostbusters 1986-2

Real Ghostbusters 1986-1



Not exactly Halloween-relevant, but I just couldn’t wait when I saw these. So much gold. That poor Ghostbusters kid. I hope he made enough money for some Nintendo games.

The Powers of Grayskull was supposed to be a 1987 Masters of the Universe spinoff, but the forces of justice prevailed, and we were not forced to endure another round of idiotic characters with names like He-Ro, who happens to be the guy standing next to He-Man. Not sure what’s going on with all the dinosaurs, and not sure why the designs have nothing to do with the cover of the product. The Cringer sweater is the best.

KLOS `Too Hip’ Stickers, Circa 1979 – 1984













Greg at Lefty Limbo wrote the go-to post about these stickers years ago. KLOS is a radio station in Los Angeles that was, in the late ’70s and early ’80s, the premiere rock station and a youth culture landmark. The distinctive “rainbow” design still hits me hard in the fond memory zone—they even smelled beautiful.

As Greg notes, virtually every kid at the time sent multiple SASEs to KLOS requesting as many stickers as he/she could get. If I’m remembering correctly, the station kept a log of requester addresses, so after the first request you had to use the address of otherwise uninterested family/friends. A few days later, there they were in the mail. (The giddy anticipation of waiting for an envelope or a package filled with free prizes is yet another feeling my kids won’t have in a technological age that abhors delays of any kind.) The stickers with the band names were sold exclusively at concerts, and often had coupons on the paper backing (“Save $1.00 on any Rush album/tape at any Licorice Pizza including their newest `Moving Pictures’ with this coupon“).

The stickers were known collectively as “Too Hip” stickers, a phrase that came from KLOS DJ Frazer Smith, who would close out his show by saying, “Too hip. Gotta go.” The stickers achieved their iconic popularity during his first stint at KLOS, from 1979 to 1984. There was also a Too Hip Fan Club, and I signed up for it. The only thing I remember about it is the ID card below.

Too Hip

When we moved out of our condo in the early ’80s, I stuck this card—signed by me, of course—in the inside molding of my bedroom closet door. I’m not sure why. Maybe I wanted the place to remember me, or maybe I wanted to make sure I remembered the place. For many years I’ve wondered if the card is still there.

(Images via eBay and the San Diego Reader)

Westwood Mall, Michigan, 1972 – 1984


Just before grand opening, August 3, 1972


Grand opening, August 3, 1972


Swimming pool demo, 1974


Car show, 1975


Christmas shoppers, 1977


Mall centerpiece, 1981


Mall centerpiece, 1981


The Gap, 1981


Record store, circa 1984

All of the photos are via MLive, where you can see more, including the original floor plan. Jackson, Michigan’s Westwood Mall is still around.

Can anyone see what the poster is on the record store wall—just to the right of mom’s head? I have another shot of a mall Gap store here.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who identified the Cyndi Lauper poster. The Welsh Piper found the actual item (below).

Lauper 1984

More Empty Shopping Malls, 1985

Mall 1985-1

Mall 1985-4

Mall 1985-2

Mall 1985-3

Mall 1985-5

The first installment is here. All photos are via Jeremy’s Jae’s Flickr.

Inside the Record Store, 1985

hmv Norwich early 1980s

hmv Norwich early 1980s

hmv Norwich 1985

hmv Norwich 1985

hmv Norwich early 1980s

HMV Records was the UK equivalent of Tower Records—even bigger than Tower, probably. I put the date at early 1985 based on the The Smiths’ Meat is Murder LP in the third shot, released in February 1985. You’re also going to see Bowie, Floyd, New Order, Siouxsie, Thriller, the Ghostbusters soundtrack, Black Sabbath, Men at Work, Flock of Seagulls, Springsteen, Tears for Fears, The Police, U2 (when they were good), The Jam, Simple Minds.

The photos are from a Flickr pool called HMV Norwich in the 80s.

More record stores here.

Skateboarders, Circa 1987

Skaters 1987

One of the best portraits of ’80s skate rats and skate styles I’ve seen, found on Pinterest. Notice that the kid with the bangs over his eye (that was considered rad, kids) has a cast on his left arm—and there’s an elbow pad over the cast. The “Skateboarding is Not a Crime” sticker was standard issue, and it was not an exaggeration. There were very few skate parks around, and starting in 1986 lots of cities started passing laws making it illegal to skate on city property, which, according to the council, we were destroying. According to us, we were simply putting the architecture to good use. Who else could squeeze so much joy (and pain) out of a painted curb, a bench, a wall, a stairwell?

If you want to get a glimpse of just how fast and how insane the best street skaters were, watch The Search for Animal Chin (1987). I still idolize the Bones Brigade.

A few more skateboarding photos here.

A Portrait of Young Geeks Playing D&D, Circa 1983



The Hesperia Junior High D&D Club is playing The Keep on the Borderlands in the school library. Love that camo boonie hat. The photos are from the Hesperia Junior High Yearbook from 1982-1983 via Keith Sloane, who posted them in the comments at Joseph Bloch’s Greyhawk Grognard. I posted Bloch’s D&D Club photo here.





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