Electronic Games #22 (December, 1983): ‘Players Guide to Microcomputers’, Discs of Tron

EG #22 1983-1

EG #22 1983-2

EG #22 1983-3

EG #22 1983-4EG #22 1983-5

EG #22 1983-6EG #22 1983-7

EG #22 1983-8EG #22 1983-9

EG #22 1983-10EG #22 1983-11

EG #22 1983-12

Interesting that Coleco’s Adam, which I’d totally forgotten about, comes in ahead of Apple and the TRS-80. The first computer I got was my beloved Atari 800. That was about 1983. The first “family” computer we got was an IBM PS/2 in ’87 or ’88. My parents got a substantial discount through my high school. By that time, I had realized that learning how to program and “hack” was hard work, and the games for IBM were pretty lousy. My attention had shifted to Nintendo and my electric guitar—and girls.

Below is a quick, fun review of my favorite video game ever, Discs of Tron, from the same issue. Read the whole magazine at archive.org.





3 Responses to “<em>Electronic Games</em> #22 (December, 1983): ‘Players Guide to Microcomputers’, <em>Discs of Tron</em>”

  1. 1 fractalbat January 17, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Disks of Tron is a fantastic game. If I ever won a contest to have one arcade game in my home, this would be it.

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