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Toy Aisle Zen (1980/1983): The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Star Wars 1980

Star Wars 1983

Via the BBC. I must be getting old, because the first thing I noticed is that the British kid is wearing a U.S.A. sweatsuit.

Greg Irons Tattoo Designs: ‘Wizards, Women, & Weirdness’ (1983)

Irons Tattoos 1983

Irons Tattoos 1983-2

More Greg Irons here.

(Images via Dawg Shed)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Lunchbox (Aladdin, 1979)

Buck LB 1979-1

Buck LB 1979-2

Buck LB 1979-3

Buck LB 1979-4

Buck LB 1979-5

Disco/Anti-Disco Iron-On Transfers, Circa 1979





Disco was so contentious, in fact, that it led to a near riot in 1979.

The second transfer was illustrated by Mort Drucker.

UPDATE: Rick Shithouse sent me two more (below), and they are impressive.

Rock Rules

Disco is Dead

(Images via eBay)

‘Monster Meeting’ Jigsaw Puzzle by Greg Hildebrandt (APC, 1983)

Monster Meeting-1

Monster Meeting-2

Part of a “hidden image” fantasy puzzle series Hildebrandt did in 1982-1983: “see if you can find the boar, lizard, elf, snail, crocodile, axes, and fourteen other hidden images within this puzzle.”

Fantasy Creatures Carrying Case (Baroco, 1984)

Fantasy 1984

Fantasy 1984-2

And we thought the art on this case was bad! Enlarge and have a good look.

(Images via eBay)

The Love Boat Playset (Multi-Toys, 1983)

Love Boat 1983

Love Boat 1983-2

Love Boat 1983-3

Love Boat 1983-6

The set isn’t complete, but you can see the ominous contents on the box, including lots of beds for our swimsuit-attired figurines to get amorous on. In yet another catastrophic bungle, Mego produced a series of Love Boat “action figures” in 1981, as well as the original version of the playset seen here. When Mego went belly up, Multi-Toys distributed the magnificent absurdity.

Ken Kelly Iron-On Transfer (Roach Studios, 1976)

Ken Kelly 1976

Ken Kelly 1976-2

The piece is from Kelly’s Eerie Visions portfolio and Eerie #80 (cover), both from 1977.

(Images via eBay)

Hollywood and Vine, Circa 1979

Hollywood Vine Circa 1979

The photo is one of many taken by Matt Sweeney between 1979 and 1983. Says Sweeney at The Atlantic:

I went to Hollywood to ‘make it’, but didn’t, and ended up taking pictures of Hollywood, capturing scenes of others ‘not making it’ as well. It didn’t escape me then and it doesn’t now.

That Universal Studios billboard brings back some memories. There was never a Buck Rogers attraction, but you could tour the set and sit in the cockpit of a Starfighter.

Larry Todd Art: Moby Gleep (Circa 1978)

Moby Gleep Larry Todd Circa 1978

Moby Gleep Ad Circa 1978

Epic head trip by Todd, who painted several other scenes involving mariners and mythical beasts, according to Last Gasp’s Ron Turner. The ad is probably from a Krupp Mail Order Catalog.

The giant poster (20″ x 26″) was on sale fairly recently at Last Gasp Publishing, although it’s out of stock now.

(Images by appleclub and jl.incrowd)




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