Atari Christmas Ads (1983): We Want Software and Hardware, Not Underwear

Atari Ad 1983

Clever, although our parents already knew how desperately we wanted an Atari and all the games we could play. It reminds me of the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie puts the Red Ryder ad in the middle of his mom’s magazine.

This VCS (Video Computer System) Cartridge Adapter sounds interesting. According to the back of the box, “just insert the Adaptor into your 5200 SuperSystem console, plug in your 2600 cartridge and 2600 controllers, and you’re ready to go!” If you had 2600 carts and controllers, wouldn’t you also have the 2600 itself?

Atari Ad 1983-2

We’ve also got some game reviews from the same TV Guide. Frostbite gets a 5, but Moon Patrol “is proof that space is becoming a creative vacuum in the video-game industry.” I was terrible at Time Pilot, but it had a great concept and I loved flying around in that infinite sky.

A $30 cartridge, according to my handy inflation calculator, comes out to about $70 today.

(Images via eBay/Randy Rodman)

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