1970 J.C. Penney Christmas Catalog: The Robots Are Coming!



Mr. Brain “puffs real smoke”!

Rudy the Robot “walks like a man—he even swings his arms.” (Yes, but can he leave the toilet seat up on purpose to annoy his wife?)

TV Robot has a screen in his chest that “shows a revolving universe.” I might have to puff real smoke before fully appreciating TV Robot.

Space Robot can be programmed for 5 different actions. If one of those actions is launching himself into space, I want Space Robot.

Mr. Amaze-A-Matic lifts stuff and pushes it around. Boo.

Explo Robotron “walks a few steps and then explodes into pieces. Put him back together and turn him loose again.” Sounds like yours truly at work.

Gofer Robotron moves forward with his serving tray when you drop a coin in his head. Boo.

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