The Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week (1977)

ASM Book

ASM Book-2

ASM Book-3

ASM Book-4

ASM Book-5

I dug this beauty out of storage with the rest of my old books when my daughter was born, and it’s currently her favorite. My copy is taking a severe beating, so I thank Greg M for saving it for future generations. (Only the first few pages are posted here.)

I can’t find anything about writer Donna Kelly, but the illustrators were well-known Marvel artists at the time, primarily inkers. Jim Mooney worked at DC for 22 years, coming to Marvel in 1968 to ink John Romita’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Mooney later penciled several books, and worked on Marvel merchandise like coloring books, children’s books, and children’s magazines. He died in 2008.

Mike Esposito (1927 – 2010) “inked virtually every major Marvel penciler on virtually every major Marvel title, from The Avengers to X-Men.”

George Roussos (1915 – 2000) was a longtime Marvel staffer best known for inking Jack Kirby on early issues of the Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and Captain America.

Remember, troops, “That web juice is sticky stuff, especially when you’re wearing feathers!”

(Note: Aunt May is spelled incorrectly—“Aunt Mae”—on Spidey’s photo of her on the book’s first page.)

2 Responses to “<em>The Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week</em> (1977)”

  1. 1 hobgoblin238 October 27, 2015 at 4:05 am

    This book is on my list to get again. It is one cent on Amazon.

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