Kid Working on Commodore 64, 1987

Commodore 64 1987

October 18, 1987. (Photo: Lyn Alweis/Denver Post)

Did his parents lock him in the basement, or what? At least he’s got his fish to keep him company.

That little keyboard appears to be a Casio VL-Tone clone. The only thing I can make out on the CompuCamp diskette is the Denver area code, 303.

1 Response to “Kid Working on Commodore 64, 1987”

  1. 1 fractalbat January 17, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    After sitting in my garage for years I finally gave my C64 away to a good home. I actually had my wife do it so that I wouldn’t change my mind.

    And two Wico joysticks.

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