On Kickstarter: Complete Reprint of AD&D Fanzine The Oracle (1982 – 1983)


PlaGMaDA’s Tim Hutchings, who gave us The Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord, an incredible collection of homemade D&D modules from the early ’80s, is now collecting all five issues of The Oracle in a limited edition print run. Says Tim:

The Oracle was a well realized, very ambitious fanzine put out almost single-handedly by Christopher Bigelow, a Mormon teenager, in 1982 and 83. It is an excellent example of the type and includes original adventures, rules offerings like new character classes, and reviews of other periodicals and rules systems and movies. This project should speak to gamers, nostalgia seekers, game historians, and zine fanatics.

Check out the Kickstarter and read the first issue of The Oracle right here.

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