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Far Out Space Nuts and The Lost Saucer Iron-On Transfers (Roach Studios, 1975)

Space Nuts 1975

Lost Saucer 1975

Sid and Marty Krofft: fucking with the minds of children (in a good way) since 1969. If you’ve forgotten these shows, watch here and here for a refresher.

(Images via eBay)

Signs of the Zodiac Iron-On Transfers (Roach Studios, 1978)

Roach Astrology Aquarius

Roach Astrology Cancer

Roach Astrology Leo

Roach Astrology Sag

Roach Astrology Taurus

These are all I’ve been able to find. It should be enough to give every t-shirt in your closet an inferiority complex.

Christmas Morning, 1978 and 1979: Mattel’s Shogun Warrior Godzilla

Christmas 1978 godzillas

Christmas Godzilla 1979

One of the greats, via poseable monster and Scott Crawford.

Christmas Morning, Circa 1975: Kenner’s Six Million Dollar Man

Christmas Six Million

That’s Mattel’s Cathy Quick Curl Doll on the right. Mikey Walters has a number of Kenner’s Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman catalogs, boxes, and instruction manuals on display here.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Ringer T-Shirt, 1977

Close Encounters T-Shirt 1977

Close Encounters T-Shirt 1977-2

The Lord of the Rings T-Shirt (Tolkien Enterprises, 1978)




You’ll see a “Hip-O-Potamus S.F.” on the bottom left of the shirt. That refers to an influential San Francisco company founded in 1970 by Jeffrey Axelrod and Barry Anderson. Their first job, after they had no luck selling their own designs, came when a store owner asked them to print out 200 t-shirts of an original design over the weekend. Says Jeff, who still sells some of the original Hippo Tees designs:

It just so happened that the owner of that very store was the wife of the drummer for the iconic band, the Grateful Dead. It was 1971 and she had the vision to sell t-shirts at rock concerts, and so our t-shirt venture exploded! Our first rock’n t-shirts [the company was originally called Rock-n-Roll t-shirts] went on tour with the Grateful Dead.

The company would later collaborate with promoter Bill Graham’s Winterland Productions, selling shirts at Bay Area rock shows, a practice that shortly became standard. Jeff (mushroom shirt) and Barry (far right) can be seen below, circa 1970.

You can see more of the Tolkien Enterprises Lord of the Rings t-shirt designs here and here, and a much stranger design here.


Mitsubishi Colt Lancer Promotional Coloring Book, Circa 1976

Colt 1976-1

Colt 1976-2

Colt 1976-3

Colt 1976-4

Colt 1976-5

Colt 1976-6

Colt 1976-7

Colt 1976-8

Colt 1976-9

Colt 1976-10

Colt 1976-11

Groovy item meant to keep the kids busy at the dealership while dad and mom kicked the tires. Joginder Singh won the Safari Rally in 1973 and 1976 driving a Colt Lancer.

Cars didn’t transform in the ’70s. They just went really fast to evade the cops or catch the bad guys.

Air Travel in the 1970s: For Your Comfort, Please Unfasten Your Seatbelts and Remain Unseated

Air 1970s-1

Air 1970s-19

Air 1970s-6

Air 1970s-18

Air 1970s-11

Air 1970s-2

Air 1970s-3

Air 1970s-4

Air 1970s-12

Air 1970s-9

Air 1970s-8

Air 1970s-14

Air 1970s-17

Air 1970s-10

Air 1970s-15

Air 1970s-5

Air 1970s-7

Air 1970s-13

Sweet Jesus, when do we board? As horrid as flying is today, keep in mind that most of the luxury you see above was born of the early-’70s recession: airlines had to go all out to convince would-be customers to buy a plane ticket. (Almost all of these photos are of coach class. I left out the in-flight piano bar.) As flying became more affordable—mainly through the proliferation of credit cards—the amenities and leg room began to shrink.

That’s not to say corporate greed is not to blame. Airline executives have used post-9/11 security measures, many of which are certainly necessary, as cover to make air travel less comfortable while making bigger profits than ever before.

Also, to quote Henry J. Stern, the New York City Parks Commissioner in 1996, after he was pressured to remove “dangerous” monkey bars from neighborhood playgrounds: “In today’s litigious world, the children come to the playground with parents and the parents come with lawyers… Often, the parents are lawyers.” Hence the general shift from comfort—and fun—to “safety”.

(Images via Messy Nessy Chic, Travel Start, Sploid, and Vintage Everyday)

Real Living Rooms, 1971 – 1981

Living Room 1971-2

Living Room 1971-3

Living Room 1973-2

Living Room 1973-3

Living Room 1976

living room 1970s

Living Room 1976

Living Room 1978-2

Living Room 1978-3

Living Room 1981

Some of these photos I’ve posted before in various categories. The others are from Kurt Clark and Michael Daddino. See here for more. Have a Pabst or two while you’re at it.

Living Room Design, 1970 – 1978

Living Room 70s

Living Room 70s-4

Living Room 70s-3

Living Room 1973

Living Room 70s-2

Living Room 70s-5

Living Room 1970

Living Room 1978

Living Room 1978

Next up is a series of real life living rooms.

(Images via Glen.H, 1970s Residential Design Pool, and Remarkably Retro)




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